HOOLIGANISM IN PARIS: Congolese lack legitimate issues.

The hooliganism and sheer acts of vandalism and thuggery exhibited on the streets of Paris by Congolese protesting President Kagame’s State visit are instructive, at best.

At the conclusion of the President’s address, Congolese mobs attacked and assaulted individuals who had attended the gathering. Such criminal behavior makes their protests criminal, and exposes their lack of legitimate reasons to protest.

As was the case in Chicago this past June at the “RWANDA DAY”, most of these directionless, cowardly paid street gangs, are directed, and paid by the likes of self-styled hero Rusesabagina and his RNC accomplices. If you have a legitimate cause why do you need to pay street gangs to come and make your voice heard ? Shameful.

This much is clear, however : Rwanda has the right to defend and uphold its sovereignity. The incursions into the DRC in pursuit of INTERAHAMWE was the right thing to do, and a sound exercise in international law. Must we stand by, arms akimbo and watch our enemies plan and train to attack us? The presence of INTERAHAMWE just miles across Rwanda’s border with the DRC violates international law and deprives these so-called ‘refugees” protection under the U.N. charter.


One response to “HOOLIGANISM IN PARIS: Congolese lack legitimate issues.

  1. Sad indeed;

    The efforts and strengths used in those attacks and assaults could very well be applied to developing their own country. They continue to mistake their enemies.

    It is unfortunate to witness such behavior in this era, and it is a shame to all Africans.

    The best thing is that the hosting country is watching and won’t continue to tolerate this bad behavior on its territory.

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