Today, President Obama, as is customary for the U.S. President, addressed the U.N. General Assembly. But it was not the speech the world was waiting for on the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

In a word, it was disappointing. A good domestic reelection campaign speech, very much pro-Israel and nothing more.

At a time when U.S. policies in the Middle East are raising more concerns than ever before, one would have to ask what Obama was thinking ingratiating himself to Israel and the Israeli lobby in Washington to the extent he did.

I am sure pro-Israel voters and donors have been reassured by Obama’s passionate assertions of Israel’s security needs. Now Benjamin Netanyahu need not come forward to make his case before the august world body. President Obama eloquently argued Israel’s case.

The Palestinians cannot be amused. Most of the world is not. Their suffering does not matter, and now they know their interests are not so high on U.S.’s agenda. From here on, how can the U.S. claim to be an honest peace broker ?

And never mind that Israel has ignored all U.N. mandates and continues to build new settlements. Obama failed in his mission to reassure the Arab world that the U.S. can fairly lead the world in seeking lasting solutions to one thorn that threatens world peace.

Mr. President, 2012 is an election year. You surely played into the hands of Republicans by giving them a viable campaign issue to prod you with. As you ignored the suffering of the Palestinians today, voters may also exercise their right and make you a one term President.



  1. Mr president, Time will tell!

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