A French court of appeal has rejected Rwanda’s bid to extradite the 1994 genocide mastermind, Agathe Habyarimana.

 But, “Mother Genocide” is still without legal status in France, and there is a civil case still pending against her for her involvement in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Unlike many, I never thought there was ever a chance in hell that France would ever extradite Kanzinga, head of AKAZU.

After all, aren’t they the ones that helped her escape the genocide she and her co-consipirators unleashed on April 6, 1994 ?

Aren’t the French the ones that have protected her and all the other genocidaires now roaming the streets of Paris  for the last 17 years ?

President Sarkozy was simply playing a sick game to give Rwandans false hope when he ordered Kanzinga and others arrested soon after his visit to Kigali, supposedly to continue investigations into their role in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

French involvement in the genocide is on record and cannot be denied. This case is yet another example of France’s continuing duplicity and bad faith in dealing with Rwanda.

Not until the French come clean can relations between France and Rwanda be what they should be.


2 responses to “FRENCH DUPLICITY, ONCE AGAIN- I told You so !

  1. This is the kind of duplicity that further justifies Rwanda’s timely
    and courageous move to join the Commonwealth.

    If it wasn’t for international diplomacy, we really don’t need to associate
    with France. They have nothing to offer.

    Witness what they left behind in their ex-colonies. Its like the who is who
    of failed states. Haiti, CAR, Niger to name a few. What a legacy!

  2. I don’t think President Sarkozy necessarily supports these genocidaires. He just seems to be fighting the living ghosts of genocide-promotion like Alain Juppe who do not want to be exposed. He might have been with them at the time of the genocide but he was an insignificant player then.

    He knows very well how the French role in the genocide has permanently destroyed the image of France in the eyes of Africa. He knows also that France can only continue to engage Africa if she has Rwanda on her side.

    Still, Rwanda has to keep its fight up. So, bro, let’s keep the drums of war a-sounding!

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