RUDASINGWA’S DIATRIBE: Is he all there ?

In his most recent continuation to endear himself to his masters and handlers, Rudasingwa claims that President Kagame personally told him that he was responsible for shooting Habyariman’s plane out of the sky.

Well, courts of law usually put little credence to convicted felon’s testimony.…/ALeqM5jVTRFC5vNFytOcAep4wq7NVI2NaA?

Investigations have been conducted and exhaustive judicial reports made on how Habyariman met his death. And really, in light of the million killed during the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi, why is Habyarimana’s death material, 17 years later?

What concerns me is that Rudasingwa lives (rent free) under the roof of his half brother Gahima who is a lawyer. Did he not counsel him on making such wild,stupid and irractracteable accusations ? Or should we worry about the man’s sanity ? A village in Rwanda is missing its idiot.

In this forum I have tried to address pressing issues on Rwanda and highlight achievements won in the last 17 years. So, glorifying Rudasingwa’s sophomoric ramblings is the last of my intentions. But some are hard to let go.

The man absolves himself of all responsibility ( ” I was never party to the conspiracy …”, he says, and hopes others will follow suit. Has he ever accepted responsibility for anything he has ever done ? And he never tires taking credit from the system he has been trashing for the last 17 years with the help of Rwanda’s enemies — the very system that made him who he is today. Notice that he always reminds the world that he was Secretary General of the RPF, Ambassador to Washington and Director of Cabinet ?

In his last interview, former Rwanda Spy Chief Patrick Karegyeya was asked: “Who shot down President Habyarimana’s plane sparking off the genocide in 1994?” He answered : ” Investigations have been taking place. I do not want to compromise or influence any outcome. But surely as day follows night, the truth will one day come out.” Why the contradiction between these RNC stalwarts ?

Rudasingwa ends by asking for ” forgiveness from all Rwandan people.” The ONLY forgiveness he needs is from his kids for creating a hostile environment for them, and leaving them a legacy of shame and dishonor.

This much I predict : Not long from now, Rudasingwa is going to claim that he was present when the tombstone from Jesus’ grave was removed.


3 responses to “RUDASINGWA’S DIATRIBE: Is he all there ?

  1. Willis,
    You hit the nail on the head. This man is going totally bananas! Such a bright fellow when he was still sane. Surely, what has gone to the head of this pathetic excuse of a man?
    Gusembera ariko ntawe bitasaza!!

    • Willis and Pan,
      What if we looked at what Rudasingwa is doing as the only way he is left with to cry for help. Stooping low as it looks, any observer for sure will say that he is out of it and needs immediate help and the onus is on us all to come to his rescue.
      John Rukumbura

  2. sharangabo damour

    Obviously, this Dr. Rudasigwa, needs help to deal with reality that we Rwandese know. In Rwanda, we are moving on thanks to the great leadership and its administration.
    In my Opinion, Let Rudasigwa hoodwink the UN and the Human rights lunatics..NOT Rwandese.!?
    D’amour Sharangabo

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