Seventeen years after the genocide against the Tutsi, Rudasingwa has met Jesus and wants us now to believe he knows the “truth”.

Who is to believe a man who all this time allegedly knew the “truth” and never came forward ?

What else has he not told Rwandans ? Why not come home and apologize to Rwandans, one and all, for all the lies, shame and slander you have heaped on the Motherland ?

And while in Kigali, please serve your sentence out and get it over with instead of living the rest of your life looking over your shoulder.

Here are reasons Rwandans will never forgive him:

1. His arrogance.

2. Sense of entitlement.

3. Bad faith.

4. Distortion of history and facts.

5. Plotting against the country.

6. Keeping bad company.

7. Marginalizing the genocide against the Tutsi to endear himself to newly found “friends.”

8.  Malfeasance while in office.

9. Using God’s name in vain.

10. And yes, TREASON.



  1. Reason#9 is irrelevant until proven God/god is not a pure human construct.

  2. sharangabo damour

    Amazingly true.!
    Rudasigwa must refrain from calling for a debate with our President and statesman for he (TEO) doesn’t even deserve a second with our President even mutwatsi let alone VOA. H.E. PK, is above Rudasigwa uncouth behavior and malicious talk. I recommend Rudasigwa to get a JOB and feed his own family bound for Canadian welfare. Failure to do so, he should be arrested and taken to butabika coz Ndera is too good for him.
    umusenzi arakabije.?

    Sharangabo, D’amour
    in Kigali

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