GENOCIDE PROFITEERS: Where does it all end?

The 1994 genocide against the Tutsi was the first genocide to be televised,with all it’s inhumanity and cruelty.

There are stories out there by survivors and others who were present that would break a horse’s heart. Gen. Romeo Dallaire, commander of the U.N.troops at the time saw his share,and has paid with his health. He wrote a book and moved on.

Then comes profiteers like Rusesabagina who have made a fortune from their alleged involvement. This self-styled hero now makes a living giving false accounts of his role during those 100 dark days in April 1994.

We know Rusesabagina’s meager educational background. We know his short-lived stint at the Seminary at Kabwayi. He is definetely not qualified to be a dog-catcher, later on humanitarian. But there he is, making a killing from the blood and suffering of those who fell in 1994.

And what’s with everybody that went through Kabwayi? Was genocide part of the syllabus?

Then there is the woman here who claims to have survived with 7 other women hiding in a bathroom, saved by a Hutu pastor. She too has bilked the genocide to the maximum telling her story. Of late she is billed as ” a motivational” speaker. Indeed! Shouldn’t the Pastor’s story be the uplifting message of her dollar-driven public stunts? Unless you embellish, isn’t 17 years too long to tell the same story, over and over again ? What was heroic about her survival?

Profiteering from genocide should be criminalized. It is immoral, repugnant and simply wrong. It is a low blow, and mocks those whose lives were taken so mercilessly and wantonly during the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.


One response to “GENOCIDE PROFITEERS: Where does it all end?

  1. You are right, genocide must have been part of the curriculum at Kabwayi!!

    I don’t know much about international law , but there must be a precedent
    setting “loop hole” that would channel money from these blood soaked profits into the hands of genocide survivors and their families.

    Kudos to your keen eye. Lets keep these genocide profiteers under the microscope.

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