Not a week goes by, nay, a day, without Rwanda being in the news, for one reason or another. Sadly, there is a lot of empty rhetoric by our enemies that makes the press, not to mention the rubbish published by those on the run who have cases to answer and are seeking cover.

But, all in all, Rwanda is in the news because of great achievements in various fields, at home and abroad. Good policies, good governance, and the resilience of a people determined to reverse our tortured history. The State of the Union is good.

Our latest achievement : the appointment of Aisa Kirabo KACYIRA to the U.N. as Deputy Executive Director and Assistant Secretary-General for UN-HABITAT. This maverick former Mayor of Kigali makes all Rwandans walk a little taller. The vibrancy and cleanliness of Kigali will always be her signature on our memories. Job well done, Madame Governor.

So, our detractors can hiss and shout all they want. There is no turning back. Rwanda will rise and shine again, and whoever wants to jump on the express train to make this Land of a Thousand Hills Africa’s shinning example better do so now. Time waits for no man.


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