The Republican Party thinks it will attract black voters if they select Herman Cain to run on the GOP ticket. I think NOT. Blacks have traditionally voted 80-90% for the Democrats, and there are historical reasons for it.

But tune in to what Cain says, you know he is NOT ready for prime time. But his insensitive remarks about blacks and poor people must be music to Republican ears. The man is absolutely ignorant of history.

Cain recently said that those who do not have jobs and are not wealthy should blame themselves. In this economy that should garner him a lot votes !

The man is clueless when it comes to foreign affairs. He says he does not know the names of any foreign leaders, and has no clue what to do about Afghanistan, adding that he will be briefed once he is in the White House. If this was not true it would be funny.

Cain needs a rude awakening. If he thinks the Tea Party is trying to get rid of Barack Obama to replace him with another black man who knows even less, no personal appeal and no political experience to speak of, he is sadly mistaken. Late night Talkshow Hosts are laughing all the way to the bank. Cain is becoming their cash cow by the day.


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