MUAMMAR GADDAFI : Should we still loathe him?

Think what you may about the man, under him Libya prospered and the average man on the street was better off than in most countries.

The man could be annoying, nutty most of the time. His human rights record was atrocious. His public outbursts made you wonder if he really was all there. But how shall Libyans remember him? And how does his record compare to other “Big Men” in Africa, or elsewhere?

Consider these facts, about Libya under Gaddafi :

1.All bank loans were at 0% by law.

2.All newlyweds received $50,000 from the government to help start up the family.

3.Free education and medical treatment for all citizens.

4. Before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans were literate. Now, 83%.

5. Libya had no external debt, and reserves of $150 billion.

6.All new car purchases were subsidized by the government – 50%.

7. Every new mother received $5,000.

8. Libyans with University degrees : 25% of the population.

9. A home was considered a human right.

10. Price of gas : 0.56 per gallon.



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