RWIGYEMA FINALLY GETS IT :Let’s embrace him.


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imagePierre Celestin Rwigema addresses a news conferenceAfter 11 years in self-imposed exile, former Prime Minister Celestin Rwigyema has returned home. Soon after the genocide, while a cloud hang over his head about possible alleged involvement, Rwigyema bolted out of the country into exile.

From exile, for a while, he unleashed a litany of unkind words against his country and the government, false accusations and politically un-savvy theories.

For all those he has confessed and asked for forgiveness, saying ” the problem is not making a mistake, the problem is not admitting a mistake. I admit my errors and apologise.”

It takes a man with a big heart to admit his mistakes and ask for forgiveness. And Rwanda should forgive him and welcome him home with open arms. After all, this is a new Rwanda.

While others continue to roam the streets of Paris, Brussels and the Americas plotting and planning against Rwanda, Rwigyema’s return ought to be a shinning example of where Rwanda is today. Our system of justice works, and our sense of forgiveness is intact.

Step back now and watch the “GANG OF FOUR” and other empty vessels vilify Rwigyema for his courageous step.


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