THE SHAME OF SILENCE : Rusesabagina is the beneficiary.

As all hell was breaking loose in April 1994, and Rwanda was slowly, but surely bleeding to death, the world idly stood by and watched the genocide against the Tutsi swing into full force.

The Tutsi genocide was probably the ONLY genocide in recent memory that has ever been televised. And as the U.N. debated, equivocated and was shamed into inaction, a million people perished and blood soaked the hills and valleys of Rwanda.

The Clinton administration, like avoiding a plague deliberately refused to use the word GENOCIDE. That would have legal implications, and the moral weight was too heavy to bear.

Fast forward : to atone for the sins of silence, George Bush awards Rusesabagina a Presidential Medal of Honor. No background check, no verifying what the man did, they threw the Reagan doctrine “trust but verify” to the wind. They thought the award would wash away America’s moral ineptude. IT DID NOT.

Ever since then there have been copycat awards to Rusesabagina: a liar, an impostor, a genocide denier and negationist.

Tune in, November 16, 2011, Washington, D.C.: The Lantos Foundation is awarding Rusesabagina another award for trivializing the genocide against the Tutsi.

Congressman Lantos is turning in his grave for the dishonor of his memory.


One response to “THE SHAME OF SILENCE : Rusesabagina is the beneficiary.

  1. sharangabo damour

    Dear Willis

    Those imposters and liars will never win even if they persist: Ikinyoma, “kigira amaguru magufi- Kirakujyana ntikikugarura”.

    The SAD part is our stillness about this man as Rwandese. It seems willis Twamusize kuli front wenyine fighting IBIGARASHA This is what makes me sick and unacceptable. How can this man(Rusesa) stand in public and negate the Genocide against Tutsi and we don’t even pie him before he opens up his dirty mouth. Isn’t to pie the least a human being can do to a fool in hall ways before he speaks..

    As a Rwandan Patriot, I call for a pie on Rusesabagina and I shall pay $1000.! Come-on students don’t you want Christmas money..!
    I promise (kwizina ry’imana ndayafite..!)
    All these concerns from Kinigi-Rwanda

    D’amour Sharangabo,

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