THE RACE TO THE WHITE HOUSE: Plenty of landmines.

As America starts its Presidential campaigns, still a year away, much of her character becomes evident. Her strengths and weaknesses become exposed, and what we see underneath often leaves much to be desired.

America may be the world’s strongest superpower, but in these last twenty years gone by we cannot say we have much for the rest of the world to be envious in terms of leadership.

Take for example the men and women running for the Republican ticket to challenge President Obama next year. Not a genius among them, and some of the characters make you wonder if this is the best we have to offer. Yet, we assume the role of world’s policeman, in big and mundane matters.

One thing is certain : racism is alive and well. The Republicans, in order to tap into the black vote and show that they too can reach to minorities have brought in Herman Cain, a man we never heard of, and a man of limited political skills. Yes he can sing, but that too is being used to ridicule his race and outright limited preparedness for primetime.

Rick Perry : Governor of the State of Texas. He holds the record for most people executed on death row of any Governor in the country. His debating skills — what skills? On second thoughts, however, may be he is the man to best handle the Taliban.

Michele Bachmann : the woman has never uttered anything that was factually correct. She even confused Elvis Presley’s death anniversary for his birthday.And she wants to be President.

Newt Gingrich : has the smarts and all, but a man who cannot control his weight sends the wrong message to the country’s ever-growing obese population. 

Sarah Palin :thank God she is out of the race. Seeing Russia from her balcony in Alaska made her think she was versed in foreign affairs.

Mitt Romney : his Mormon religion scares most Americans, much as we don’t know enough about it – not that a man’s religion should matter. I am afraid to say, America is not ready for a Mormon President.

The moral of this story? Let’s put our house in order before we criticize others.


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