Ann Garrison’s attempt to disrupt the Third Annual Conference on Genocide at the Sacramento State University badly flopped as she was challenged to back up her wild allegations against the government of Rwanda. She could not.

An avowed genocide denier, Garrison maintains that Rwanda has perpetrated a genocide in the DRC. She also maintains there was a double genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

Dressed in a Halloween outfit, Garrison made a spectacle of herself in one of the conference’s sessions by saying that Rwanda invaded the DRC to exploit her mineral resources, and in the process has killed 8 million people. Asked to cite the source of her information, Garrison quoted newspaper articles by Reuters news agency.

As she has done over the years, Garrison tried to trivialize the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi but was called to order by some of the genocide survivors in the audience. Unable to explain why she believes there was a double genocide, Garrison lost her cool and burst into a rage and expletives and finally fled from the hall.

Garrison, an avowed supporter of Hutu extremism is a blogger and self-styled journalist and a rabid opponent of the Rwanda government.


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