Like a woman scorned, Rudasingwa is now screaming at the top of his voice saying that he wants to “testify” before the ICTR or any other body willing to listen to his made-up story of who downed Habyarimana’s presidential jet in 1994.

He says, ” I am demanding it as a witness to the most pivotal event in the 20th. century whose consequences remain tragic almost decades later.”

But, since when did witnesses demand to testify? And a felonious one at that.

After confessing that he has been lying for seventeen years, why would anyone believe anything Rudasingwa has to say? If you have lied once, you will lie again.

If he has credible evidence, why not forward it to the ICTR instead of seeking these bizzare and cheap media ploys?

I am beginning to worry about the man’s mental state. But then again I am told by those who know him best that this is vintage Rudasingwa: no shame, no integrity and zero sense of right and wrong.



  1. Someone should kindly advise our Good Doctor of that old Roman law principle: Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. This concept which remains respected to this day holds that if a witness has been shown to lie in one particular respect in a case, he cannot be trusted in anything else he says. Since he himself admits to lying continuously for 17 years, why would his word now be given any credence?

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