THE LANTOS FOUNDATION : Rusesabagina’s new mouthpiece

Katrina Lantos Swett, President of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice has just released a cold,mean-hearted and accusatory Press Release accusing genocide survivors against the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi of having an agenda to smear “the good name” of Rusesabagina.

And their crime? Calling the Foundation to look into Rusesabagina’s un-founded claims of herioism for allegedly saving Tutsi who had sought shelter at his hotel.

And this, from a child of Holocaust survivors.

She alleges that there is a “script” to the survivors’ pleas for justice, calling it absurd and petty. 

She allegs that Rusesabagina has devoted his life to achieve genuine peace and reconciliation. Through the FDLR? By denying the genocide against the Tutsi and advancing the “double genocide ideology”?

And all of a sudden we are told that the funds Rusesabagina fleeced from the survivors was used to pay for their food and bribe INTERAHAMWE to save them. This is painfully insulting and melodramatic.

All of a sudden a Human Rights and Justice organization has become the voice of a genocide denier and negationist. May Tom Lantos rest in peace.

It is NOT the first time the plight of the Tutsi genocide survivors was marginalized, and it probably won’t be the last. But in the end justice will prevail.


5 responses to “THE LANTOS FOUNDATION : Rusesabagina’s new mouthpiece

  1. If Katrina Lantos found her “Schindler” in Rusesabagina, let her be. She could at least show us even one person who was saved by that fake. However, it is her money and she is free to dump it anywhere she likes. Only not in the name of Genocide against the Tutsis of Rwanda. She forgets there were also some Hutus in that Hotel who gave testimony.

  2. This is great Willis

  3. I doubt that her father would be very proud of her at this moment.

  4. Katrina Lantos Swett joins genocide deniers

    Katrina is supposed to be a smart lady. Her late father and her current husband are very well respected public figures, but she surprised me today when I read her 9th November media release on 2011 prize to be given to Paul Rusesabagina.
    She is a daughter of two survivors and she is expected to know what genocide is and all forms of its denial.

    I know she teaches at Tufts University in political science. But I wonder how she fails to use her common sense and her academic profile, leave alone tremendous amount of facts presented to her by the Tutsi survivors of genocide in Rwanda to rescue herself from this circus!

    She instead chose to call what the survivors told her a “script ” … and “petty” really? Am I mistaken? Is this lady the daughter of Tom Lantos? How could she dare to call survivors’ grievances petty?

    Why? Simply because Paul paid money through a common agent based in Chicago ? can she sacrifice her father’s name because of money? Am I dreaming? Is she greedy? Is it desperation after loosing senatorial races? I know Rusesabagina has his good cut on 16th Nov, Lantos too, but can she do that at the expense of Lantos’ reputation and legacy? I am reminded that as long as it is money, Katty cares less!!!

    What she doesn’t know though is her new company/ Friends! She is one of political veterans in NH but she has now branded herself one of the strongest sympathisers of deniers of Tutsi genocide.

    If she doesn’t come back to her sense and cancel the award for this impostor hero, then she is going to be recorded in books, reports, and all Tutsi genocide documentation as one of the top supporters of deniers of Tutsi genocide and I do not think that this is a good tag for Lantos!

    More interesting is the fact that she has joined the propaganda machine that has been irrationally attacking the government of Rwanda without substantiating her wild claims!

    One question that doesn’t require anybody to be super intelligent; is that, why did Katrina ignore all the grievances and decide that they are all “Scripts and …”petty” claims? Just because they converged on one point? Paul R is a denier of genocide ? Why should she expect us to have lied or became untruthful so we wouldn’t be considered as if we are using one script?

    Assume we’re coordinated and we have a “script”which is as petty as Katrina wants to believe. What about her slanted version of Human Rights and free speech record on Rwanda? Can we consider Katrina’s claims and Rusesabagina’s views to be scripts and petty claims also? Because they have a shared opinion on Rwanda?

    People can have a shared view on something! What is important is whether there are facts to support their position. Did Katrina and her team look at the facts presented to them? Can we deal with facts rather than being sentimental and emotional?

    The Tutsi genocide survivors are protesting because your man denies that genocide happened by trivializing it and the Hotel Mille Collines survivors have rejected Paul Rusesabagina as their hero/ someone who saved them!
    So in conclusion, Katrina should read this clearly and listen and understand loudly and clearly: that she has no responsibility, mandate, prerogatives, moral authority or anything of the sort to define who is a hero and who is not in the country of Rwanda! Let her do it for her husband and her 7 children and USA period!
    And just to inform her, this war is not over! If Jews are still fighting the deniers of holocaust even after 60 years, I believe we are no where close to a finish line! But as the saying goes “Truth goes through fire and will never burn”

  5. Katrine Lanto’s award to a genocide denier will haunt her as a Jew till she lives this earth. Its unfortunate that you have betrayed the cause of your husband Lantos for human rights and Justice. Katrine has conspired to trade the blood of innocent Rwandans, one day it will turn red for her. Tutsi survivors, are not a live bcoz of any body’s mercy but God’s Mercy alone. Rusesabagina can only connive with the naive like Lantos foundation.

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