The Press release issued by the Lantos Foundation President, Katrina Lantos Swett trivializing the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi is a low blow.

Especially from a Jewish organization. Who would have ever thought?

The attack on Rwanda in that same release is un-called for, un-diplomatic, especially coming from a Human Rights organization whose mission, by definition, is anything but political.

It is one thing to draw the line in the sand and go ahead and award Rusesabagina their recognition, but for the Lantos Organization to attack Rwanda based on spurious and defective information is the height of absurdity.

Anyone familiar with Rusesabagina’s language and political agenda can tell that this press release has his fingerprints all over. But that is no excuse for the Lantos folks to close their eyes to logic and all forms of rationality.

Simply put, Katrina Lantos Swett, off-spring of the Holocaust, owes genocide survivors an unqualified apology.

But, most of all, she needs to atone for tarnishing her later father’s name.


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