THE LANTOS AWARD : Not in our name, please.

On November 16, 2011 the Lantos Foundation is poised to award self-styled hero and alleged humanitarian, Paul Rusesabagina a humanitarian award in Washington, D.C.

Why? Because of his alleged heroic deeds during the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. The evidence is not there, and in spite of the survivors’ pleas and stories contrary to Rusesabagina’s fabricated and contorted tells, Katrina Lantos Swett, President of the Lantos Foundation has decided to go ahead with the award.

 And to add insult to injury, this off-spring of Holocaust survivors called survivors’ pleas “ABSURD” and “PETTY.”

Sure, the Lantos Foundation can go ahead and bloody this award and tarnish Tom Lantos’ name. Make Rusesabagina a Saint if you want, knight him if you wish, but don’t do it in our name, and don’t trivialize the genocide against the Tutsi.


One response to “THE LANTOS AWARD : Not in our name, please.

  1. You may be searching for complicated explanations for the Lantos Foundation’s obstinancy to act the way they are when their reasons may, in truth, be any or a combination of the following fairly straightforward ones. Quite possibly, they consider: a) Rwandans to be just too immature to be entrusted with the heavy responsibility of determining their own heroes – a decision of this importance should be left to adults, such as themselves; b) Rescinding their choice – no matter how erroneous – in the teeth of overwhelming and angry opposition from Genocide survivors would be a sign of weakness and an admission of the shoddiness of their process for identifying and selecting their lauretes; and few organizations have leaders with the strength of character to publicly own up to serious errors of judgement; c) They couldn’t care less about Rwanda’s Genocide survivors or their anger about this insulting choice of laurete; any claims that they do are no more than the proverbial tears of a crocodile; d) For reasons that are difficult to fathom for Rwandans, and more especially Genocide survivors, Rusesabagina has powerful supporters able to impose their deformed version of history – at any rate among fellow supporters – no matter how ridiculous and painfully fictitious it is to those who really lived it.

    In the end we must recognize the impossibility of explaining the truth to people whose minds are closed and who arrogate to themselves the right to soil an entire people’s history, perhaps in the belief they know it better than ourselves. And quite frankly, they are not worth the effort.
    Mwene Kalinda

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