FACE TO FACE WITH P.R. :I was not amused.

This last weekend in Washington, D.C. I had a chance to meet Rusesabagina, up close and personal. Nothing to write home about.

For years, I have been attending his speaking engagements. He never allows one on one debate. It is all orchestrated by his handlers, courtesy of Kitty Kurth, the woman who directs Rusesabagina’s alleged humanitarian activities.

In this our last encounter, Rusesabagina did not know how to handle himself in the company of survivors : the people that know well his tales of saving people are simply manufuctured in Hollywood. He was caught with his pants down. He fidgets, cracks his knuckles, gets dry-lipped and has that frightened look of a deer in headlights.

But, Kitty Kurth has done a good job of packaging him. He throws out sophiticated and almost learned-sounding phrases knowing well there is no class master to ask him to explain the meaning of those words. The substance? The usual no brainers that have earned him tons of money from un-suspecting audiences.

You should have seen the look on the man’s face when one of the survivors asked him what he did with his 7 million Francs check he paid him when he stayed at Hotel Mille Collines. The man has no heart and no shame.

For more truth on Hollywood’s hero, visit : http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/nov/17/hotel-rwanda-hollywood-ending


3 responses to “FACE TO FACE WITH P.R. :I was not amused.

  1. You made a sound judgement of the imposter Rusesabagina. And imagine him on VOA straight talk Africa claiming that President Kagame offered him to be a Minister and he refused! Which could have been this unfortunate ministry?

  2. Thank you for the story. Rusesabagina’s elusiveness has allowed him to manipulate uninformed audience. What you guys did in Washington, DC is very recommendable and hope that others should learn from that ! Our history is in danger if we don’t tackle revisionist and deniers of genocide. It should be a responsibility of all Rwandans and their friends to rise up against the network of genocide negationist, deniers, and people who finance terrorists in the great lakes region.

  3. I listened recently as Rusesabagina went head to head (sort of) with Egide Karuranga on VoA’s Upfront Africa. He was continuously parroted what were clearly memorised phrases that must have taken his handlers considerable time to drill into him. It was obvious he could only get away with it thanks to the host’s complaisance and a format that did not allow Karuranga to ask follow up questions that would have exposed the charlatans hero of foreign fabrication. The man was in turn boastful of his heroism and then claiming false modesty. It was my first time to listen to him, but he reminded me of someone who was a similar braggart: Idi Amin Dada – on his most incoherent day!

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