PRESIDENT KAGAME HONORED : the Sullivan Foundation gets it.

On December 15, 2011 in Washington, D.C., the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation will honor Presidet Kagame for his exemplary leadership, along with other notable world and political leaders.

The primary criterion in the selection process is demonstrated excellence.

Others to be honored alongside President Kagame are former Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, and current South African President Jacob Zuma.

I am now thinking:the people at the Lantos Foundation must be singing the blues!

It just has to make you wonder : don’t the enemies of Rwanda see how far the country has come in 17 years since the genocide against the Tutsi, and all under President Kagame’s no-nonsense and visionary leadership?

You can hate the man as an individual, but give him his due:he plucked the country out of the abyss in 1994 and curved meaningful and practical policies that have made Rwanda the envy of the Continent.

Those demonizing Kagame and seeking to destabilize Rwanda better think twice. No war has ever been won without cause. Ours is just. What is theirs? The Erlinders of this world who seek to negate the genocide against the Tutsi and re-write our history will simply be swept into the dustbins of history. Where were they in 1994 when Rwanda almost bled to death?

1994 was not the end, but a beginning of a phase where we, Rwandans chose to chart our course, having been ignored in those dark 100 days, we will now shoulder those lessons, and Rwanda will rise and shine again.


2 responses to “PRESIDENT KAGAME HONORED : the Sullivan Foundation gets it.

  1. This is great news.Again and again light keeps shining brighter.Haters can go hung…Live longer and congrats.
    President Kagame

  2. Put that in your pipe and smoke Lantos Foundation!! What do they
    know about Africa anyway ?

    The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation is more relevant in that it has a Pan-African Agenda. The Lantos Foundation would be better off keeping their
    Euro-centric outlook to themselves.

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