LAURENT GBAGBO : A Lesson for Africa’s so-called “Big Men.”

Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo has quietly and unceremoniously settled in at his rent free quarters at the Hague. And few people are shedding tears in Abdijan.

Gbagbo is facing four charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court, accused of being an “indirect co-perpetrator” of murder, rape, persecution and other inhuman acts.

And ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo says he is not done. More “big fish” are on his list. And this is welcome news, because for far too long, African despots and many others masquerading as leaders have abused their people with absolute impunity. In the words of Mwalimu Nyerere, “what Africans are doing to fellow Africans is a shame.”

I bet Khartoum is feeling the heat. But Bashir is not the only one. State Houses all across the continent are occupied by scoundrels who should be at the Hague, sooner than later.


One response to “LAURENT GBAGBO : A Lesson for Africa’s so-called “Big Men.”

  1. As much as I agree with the ongoing procecutions at the Hague,
    Africa seems to bear the burden of it all. I realise that Africa has itself to
    blame but whats the threshhold or criteria that is used to qualify?

    I say this because there are others who should be included that seem to get
    away with it. Does the name George W ring a bell ?

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