THE ARAB SPRING : Africans ought to take heed.

This Arab Spring phenomenon has me thinking : what will it take for Black Africa to rise up and clean house? It is messy and stinking like a skunk, yet we just watch on as mostly Arab youths take matters in their own hands and say enough is enough to status quo.

Tunisia led the way. And like a prairie fire, the winds of change swept Egypt as Egyptians rose up and put Hosni Mubarak on trial, in a cage. There he was, looking like a frightened wounded sheep. Who would have ever imagined? The Pharaoh was no more.

Taking cue, Libyans refused to be left behind, and they too cleaned house. The good old Colonel, found in a sewage pipe could not do the right thing, even though he was captured with a golden pistol. He was a sorry shadow of his former self. He died like a chicken. The harder they come, the harder they fall. Bob Marley told us that decades ago.

Yet, further south in Zimbabwe and Uganda it is a different story. Zimbabweans have been frightened into inaction by an old, senile brutal dictator. Their economy is in shambles, and the country has literaly become a failed state. And the music plays on.

In Kampala, a small group of thugs, THE KIBOKO SQUAD, organized by the government has instilled fear into the masses. No one now dares walk to work : the only country in the world where that act has been criminalized. Civil disobedience has not even crossed their minds. What will it take to effect change? The second coming?

There is something intrinsically wrong with black Africans. We are either cowards or simply willing to play second fiddle. And I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

I am hanging my head in shame.


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