HERMAN CAIN : The Cain train halted by sex, inexperience and arrogance.

Over the weekend, Herman Cain “suspended” his presidential campaign amidst sex scandals. He told a crowd of supporters that he would not be silenced by un-proven sex charges.

Whichever way you look at it, the pizza man is history. And the only person that does not get it is Herman Cain.

To begin with, Cain did not see through the fact that the Republicans were simply stroking his ego, using him to show the world that even the GOP could field a black candidate.

Is it my suspicious nature, or does anybody out there really believe that America wants to get rid of a very qualified, hip-looking black man and replace him with another one – a pizza man at that.

Cain’s amusing arrogance is only equaled by his unchecked libido.

There he stood before his supporters, his wife Gloria unwillingly and uncomfortably close by his side clapping, repeating the same old tired lines denying accusations by four different women, and invoking God’s name. Shame on you, brother Herman. But, in the end, the last woman to come out of the woodworks really nailed him good and brought the “Cain Train” to a screaching halt.

I hold his handlers and advisors responsible for not telling him that he is not presidential material, and no way in hell was he ready for primetime. And that cowboy hat of his made him look more like “Cal” Worthington than a man seeking the highest office in the world.

My advice: take a long vacation, look in the mirror, lick your wounds and make peace with God and Gloria.


2 responses to “HERMAN CAIN : The Cain train halted by sex, inexperience and arrogance.

  1. Willis,
    If you ask me, i don’t think Herman Cain considered himself a serious presidential contender from the get go. It is my belief that he wanted to sell a book and popularize himself in the process. He was obviously very surprised with the boost he got from his supporters( how they took him for a serious candidate is another topic in itself!) and decided to go along for the ride.
    With a name recognition, having sold books and obviously with some folks going to pay him in the future for “appearances”, I actually think he has come out on top at the end of the day! After all, this is America – he has lived the dream.

    I for one won’t miss his 999 chorus.


  2. Herman Cain should have consulted “Slick Willie” on how to
    flaunt your libido and get away with it.

    Good riddance!!

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