The DRC has just concluded some sort of elections in which Joseph Kabila was declared the winner with 48.95% to 32.33% for main opposition leader, Etiene Tshisekedi.

But, Tshisekedi would not have none of it. He cried foul, and declared himself president. Such foolish and brazen bravado. Only in Africa.

Kabila himself admitted there had been mistakes in the election process but rejected concerns that the results lacked credibility. No, the mistake in the first place was when in a frenzy of emotion Kabila was chosen to succeed his assassinated father in 2001. The DRC has been rudderless since.

The US-based Carter Center, which sent observers to the election, said the vote was too flawed to be credible. The US called for review, while the EU said the election process was “chaotic.”

Here is my point : Tshisekedi’s declaration was unstatesmanly and uncalled for. Such fighting words from an elder statesman can inflame the public and lead to a civil war. Just what the DRC needs.

And this time around, they cannot blame their mismanagement and corroded politics on Rwanda. No!

It was not too long ago that we witnessed a similar scenario in the Ivory Coast with Laurent Bagbo refusing to conceed defeat? Where is he now?

Unless Africa learns from its mistakes it is bound to remain the the laughing stock of the world, politically.



  1. Dear Willis,
    Your comment is right on, but only up to a point; as irrational as it would appear to sane people, many Congolese in the diaspora (obviously not all, thank God) are already blaming Rwanda for their chaotic elections. Just follow the news of their firebombing of our embassy in Paris, and widespread attacks of Rwanda’s in Brussels’ Matonge district as well as other cities in Belgium.
    Some in the Congolese diaspora seem to have lost all contact with reality as the rest of us understand it. Otherwise how would one explain their close alliance with representatives of the FDLR in Europe and North America, knowing what that vicious gang of murders has inflicted and continues to inflict on their own people back home? Those who can rationalize this behaviour to themselves can obviously have no problem seeing Rwanda’s hand somewhere behind the chaos that has been their recent election.
    Mwene Kalinda

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