LET’S SALUTE VACLAV HAVEL : He was a voice of reason.

Former Czech President Vaclav Havel, 75, died Sunday. This former dissident playwright helped topple communism in eastern Europe, with his simple but true wisdom, “TRUTH AND LOVE TRIUMPH OVER LIES AND HATE.”

As we emerge from the Arab Spring into what now seems like a Winter of discontent, it is refreshing to remember that great and humble men like Havel lived among us. And they inspired millions with humility and determination. His simple words were ladden with truth and changed a generation.

Havel’s Velvet Revolution in 1989 swept the communists aside with its simple message : reason over brute force.

Even though he never won the Nobel Peace prize, his decency and humility are a larger legacy than the prize.

In his own words, ” What is also sleeping under the surface and is invisible is a longing for certain elementary freedoms and that doesn’t usually break out just like that, by itself. The snowball is created, it’s rolling and rolling and very often, it turns into an avalanche.”


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