As we approach the end of the year, one has to look back and marvel at how much can happen in twelve months. Of course some events were more momentus than others.

Some, we will simply ignore. Some events simply make you wonder why we pay so much attention to trivia. Like there are not enough critical issues, matters of life and death to keep us occupied: like famine, hunger and the carnage of war in Darfur and other God-forsaken places.

There was a royal wedding in London this year. The fact that the groom is future King of England does not impress many. So what, in this age of republicanism?

But I bet we will never forget the impact of the Arab Spring: one single solitary vegetable vendor caused a tremor all across North Africa and dictators fell like wilted oranges.

Gone is Mubarak, followed by the good old colonel in Tripoli who met a violent death. And what a way to end two sad careers. Yet their lessons are lost on Robert Mugabe, however, and many other hopeless and vicious dictators across our Continent.

This much is clear: status quo seems to be a thing of the past. The the masses are angry and they won’t take it any more.

But, the most bizzare, comical event of this year was the spectacle of North Koreans at the news of the “Dear Leader” passing away. Does anybody have genuine tears in that cursed land?


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