BAD HABITS SPREAD FAST : California woman kills with a machete.

The signature of the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi was the machete.

Images of young thugs of INTERAHAMWE roaming the streets and the countryside carying machetes looking for Tutsi to kill are seared in our memories. Forever.

But not since the genocide, seventeen years ago have we seen this trend here in the U.S. Could the butchery of the Tutsi have given lessons to other like-minded killers?

This past weekend, in the City of San Jose near the Silicon Valley (population 2 million) not far from San Francisco, Sagal Sadiq, 49, killed another woman, 65, with a machete.

But, police have not made any connections to INTERAHAMWE. And in all likelihood there is none. But, it makes you wonder!

After I read the story you can imagine what went through my mind. And no, I am not telling.


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