If you are reading this from Kigali, or beyond the shores of these United States you must be wondering what race has to do with this. Everything. In America it is all about race.

We are ten months away from the general election, and the campaigns are really heating up. Right now, the Republicans are falling all over each other trying to annoint their candidate to take on Barack Obama. We are beginning to see bad blood between the candidates, especially between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. And if you ask me, I hope it escalates. If you suspect I am a registered Democrat, you are damn right.

By the look of things, the GOP is going to choose between Romney and Gingrich. But if Gingrich continues with his bad behavior and ballistic temper, it could be Rick Santorum in his place.

Each one of these Republican contenders has shortcomings that will be exploited as we near the election in November, and to the advantage of President Obama. On the other hand, the bad economy will be the thorn in Obama’s side because it is happening on his watch, inherited from George W.

Practices dirty politics.Hot tempered. Product of Washington. Has changed religion three times. Cheated on his wife while she was hospitalised with cancer where he served her with divorce papers, and then married his secretary. Last but not least, was invloved in a check scandal while in Congress.

His Mormon religion scares the crap out of most Americans, much as we don’t know much about it. Plastic image – does not look like a guy you would want to have a beer with. Been running to be President for five years and he is not doing any better in the polls. And, he flip-flops too much on issues.

He nabbed Bin Laden. Led NATO and sent Ghadffi packing. He has brought the troops home. And he resonates with most voters, and especially the young.

If only now he can start talking tough and take the fight to the Republicans. His second term will be sweet.



  1. You are perceptive in your take on the current crop of Republicans running for the top spot.

    If there is one thing I could fault President Obama on it would be his persistence in trying to work compromise with an opposition party that has made it abundantly clear for nearly four years that they’re only mission is to unseat him, regardless of the consequences on these United States.

    I am happy to see him finally face the reality of today’s American politics and simply “go for it” and the devil take the Republicans!

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