THE FRENCH REPORT : Egg on Rudasingwa’s face.

With the publication of the final findings of their investigation, the French have finally stated what we all knew all along: who shot Habyarimana’s plane out of the skies.

The downing of the plane, according to the French, was ” a coup d’etat” by Hutu extremists who could not stomach what lay ahead in power sharing deals reached in Arusha, France has declared.

After 17 years, this matter has now been put to rest. But, that’s not why I am writing.

Not to long ago, we were entertained to hallucinations, or in the words of Newt Gingrich “pious baloney” by none other than fugitive from justice, Theogene Rudasingwa who claimed that President Kagame told him who shot the plane down.

As I write this I am trying to imagine Rudasingwa reading this news: with that goofy and silly grin of his, and probably wishing he had never been born.

What will history make of him? What will he tell his children? How long can you go through life making a spectacle of yourself, endearing yourself to your handlers and former combatants –devoid of AGACIRO, manhood and decency? How long will he go through life looking over his shoulder?

The tragedy of it all is that he is one of our own. But even then, betrayal has its price, and his is coming — in small measures, but it will come in the end.


One response to “THE FRENCH REPORT : Egg on Rudasingwa’s face.

  1. It is now a mathematical certainity that the plane was shot down by
    Hutu extremists. Long live science. Conspiracy theorists be damned!

    As I have said before on this blog, history will relegate Rudasigwa and his
    cronies to its dustbins.

    Is he one of us? He obviously chose not to be. Good riddens!

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