MUGESERA’S ATTACK ON JEWS: The Man’s true colors radiate.

As we continue to be entertained to this never ending absurd saga of attempting to evade justice by Mugesera and his legal team, we learn a few lessons.

Mugesera is not the brave man he claims to be. First, at the news that his appeal against deportation was denied, the man succumbed. There he was on a stretcher covered with a blaring yellow blanket, ghastly looking and gutless. He reportedly told his son he would rather die in Canada than his homeland. Little does he know that those in “Camp 1930” are living large. He will, after all, be in good company of the likes of Ingabire and other mindless, vicious criminals.

Mugesera’s un-ending manipulation and abuse of the Canadian judicial system is regretable.

But his lawyer’s attack on Jews is vile. While appearing before Canada’s highest court, he accused the federal ministers of Immigration and Justice of “manipulation, bias and conspiracy with Jewish individuals and organizations to ensure that his client would be deported.” Such trash.

Mugesera’s lawyer went on to suggest that the manner in which a vacancy on the Supreme Court was filled with Justice Rosalie Abella — she happens to be Jewish –showed the outright manipulation of the political system for problematic purposes. I guess Mugesera and his lawyer think there is a Jewish-Tutsi plot! This venomous and unprofessional posture was described by the Supreme Court of Canada as “unprofessional and unacceptable” motion for its “unqualified and abusive attack on the integrity of the judges, and for displaying “ANTI-SEMITIC” tendencies, and for peddling “IRRESPONSIBLE INNUENDO.” Reminds me much of Mugesera’s speech.

Mugesera’s appeal is a farce, especially in light of the ICTR and the European Court of Human Rights upholding tranfers of genocidaires to Rwanda to face justice.

To every journey, there is an end. Every book has a last chapter. Mugesera has reached the end of his journey. Be man enough to face the music, because you did not have enough courage to do HARAKIRI, you chicken.


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