CANADIAN DISGUST OVER MUGESERA: Where was the U.N. in 1994, he asks?

Soon to be deported war criminal Léon Mugesera a victim of stress

Written by Darcey
Saturday, 14 January 2012 09:04

The story of Rwandan war criminal Leon Mugesera and teacher at Laval University first caught my eye back in 2005 when media reports surfaced about the governments plan to deport him because of a previous inclination to incite genocide against 800,000 Tutsi’s back in 1992. He apparently gave a fiery speech to a couple thousand like-minded individuals urging them to exterminate the bastards.

Possibly he was thinking that nobody would take him seriously as when the killing started he took off to Spain and then came over here to our fine country where he was granted landed immigrant status in 1994. A little over ten years later, after Leon had gotten nicely settled in, somebody in our beuaracracy said holy crap – it probably isn’t cool to let this guy stick around and then the deportation hearings began.

The typical appeals process began to ensue, he might get the death penalty if sent back to Rwanda but then Rwanda promised that they wouldn’t pursue one.

The usual winner that tends to work for a lot of war criminals hiding out here is the don’t send me back or I will be tortured plea and in this case, it has kept Leon Mugesera on our soil for an extra 16 years.

The latest appeal involved Mugesara contacting the UN directly which brought in the UN Convention Against Torture which Canada is a partner with. Does anyone remember what the UN did when 800,000 Tutsi’s were getting hacked up with machetes? Pretty much nothing despite all the desperate pleas so it is notable to see them stick their nose in here.

Our own government who are well aware of the hypocrisy said the hell with the UN, let’s kick him out anyways.

Leon Mugesara, fell ill from the apparent stress:

Canadian authorities will deport Léon Mugesera, an alleged Rwandan war criminal, in spite of a postponement request from the United Nations committee against torture.

The UN committee asked Canada to delay Mugesera’s deportation, after the former Rwandan politician’s legal team lobbied the commission to investigate claims that he could face possible torture or death if he is sent back to his native country.

Officials with the federal Department of Public Security confirmed Wednesday night that they will go ahead and execute the deportation order.

It’s not clear when that will actually happen — Mugesera’s scheduled deportation will likely be delayed after he suffered a medical crisis Wednesday afternoon that put him in a Quebec City hospital.

His legal team told CBC News that doctors at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université Laval (CHUL) won’t let Mugesera fly until his medical situation is resolved.

The UN’s intervention came at the 11th hour of Mugesera’s anticipated Thursday afternoon deportation.

Justice Michel Shore denied Mugesera’s appeal for a delay on his deportation order earlier Wednesday in a Montreal courtroom.

Less than three hours later, Mugesera was rushed by ambulance to hospital, suffering what his lawyers described as a stress-related attack. (CBC)

Sneaky… Reminds me of the antics of one Laibar Singh who as a suspected terrorist faced deportation but held it off for years by faking paralysis. The last grip on the door frame.

Leon might not have to be too ill for too long however, the latest twist comes courtesy of Quebec Superior Court Judge William Fraiberg who issued an 11th hour ruling stating that Leon can stay here pending the UN’s review of his case. How he can overide a federal ruling is beyond me but what isn’t, is the last play of a stressed out man:

“Daddy is in critical condition,” the family said in a statement. “We urge Canada to meet its international obligations as demanded by the High Commissioner for Human Rights.” (QMI)

And until we meet the obligations as demanded by the High Commissioner for Human Rights that rule in favor of Leon Mugesera, we’ll be staying right here…


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