MUGESERA: Canadians are up in arms: enough is enough.


Leon Mugesera’s last chance to stay in Canada will be played out in Superior Court in Montreal this morning.

A hearing is scheduled for nine o’clock.

His lawyers want time for a United Nations investigation into his claims that he will be tortured if forced to return to Rwanda.
If he loses the case he could be put on a plane within hours of the decision.

Mugesera is wanted on charges of inciting genocide and crimes against humanity, stemming from an inflammatory speech he gave in 1992.

That speech , two years later, was seen as one of the sparks of the Rwandan massacre that left more than 800-thousand people dead.


1. This case is really simple:
– We Canadians can not afford to try this man! The last Rwandan genocide suspect we tried cost us more than 4 million dollars!

– He has used up all his legal options available to him in Canada: The highest court on the land has ruled against his stay. It’s called Supreme for a reason.

– We Canadians can not afford to let this alleged criminal live freely among us. The likelihood is that he’s guilty: even his supporters don’t dispute that, all they say is he might be tortured, not that he might be innocent.

– The United States, the EU courts, the UN Court on Rwandan Genocide have all transferred genocide suspects to Rwanda recently, and there has been absolutely no complaint, no claim of torture.

– The Rwandans have assured our government that he will not be tortured and he will be given a fair trial. They have invited us to come and observe, they have invited anyone to come and observe, they have invited the Red Cross to come and monitor him daily if they wish.

What should happen is clear to me and anyone with common sense: he needs to get on that plane to Rwanda.


One response to “MUGESERA: Canadians are up in arms: enough is enough.

  1. He may twist; he may duck; he may claim that Rwandan authorities have tails and cloved hooves (his friends actually did try that during the war!), but ultimately his day in a courtroom in the country where he sowed so much hatred and we reaped so much death is nigh. ISHYEREZO!
    Mwene Kalinda

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