MUGESERA’S LONGEST RIDE: Justice finally served.

I bet Leon Mugesera never anticipated it would all end this way. On a private jet, no less.

After abusing and misusing the Canadian justice system for almost two decades, this unrepentant criminal is about to face Rwandan justice.

The flight to Kigali will surely be the greatest test Mugesera has had to face since that infamous 1992 vitriolic speech of his where he called for the extermination of all Tutsi. One would assume that Mugesera will get in touch with his conscience as he approaches Kigali. But the man has shown no remorse all these years. At 59, he will have many years to reach deep within himself to come to terms with his evil nature.

The next time we see Mugesera, he will be in his jail-issued pink uniform. Psychologists say that pink makes one ponder one’s actions and thoughts. Well, let’s see if this will work on Mugesera.

Hooray to Canada, for upholding the rule of law and sending the message forth : Canada is no haven for war criminals.

To others on the run, your time will come. To the man in Paw Paw — and you know who you are — I say, get your house in order, because you are next.


2 responses to “MUGESERA’S LONGEST RIDE: Justice finally served.

  1. Dear Willis,
    This marks a turning point in the long – and before today, painfully snail-paced and morale-sapping struggle to overcome the impunity and forbearance that Rwanda’s genocidaires have come to expect as no more than their due from foreign governments and judiciaries. In another 17 years when we look back, I am convinced we shall see this day as the moment when the world finally decided to give teeth to the hitherto empty slogan “Never Again”.
    Meantime, let’s welcome home our wayward compatriot; after all as our forefathers believed: ibyaye ikiboze irakirigata. Mugesera may be rotten-hearted, but he is our own and he deserves all the judicial protections he did not want afforded to those whose murder he incited.
    Imana y’i Rwanda iragahoraho.
    Mwene Kalinda

  2. Thank god there is no statute of limitations on criminals like Mugesera!

    As a Canadian national, I feel like I was about to re-new my vows to this
    great country. Even a country known for its tolerance has its limits.

    This is also a great opportunity for Rwanda to show to the world that they
    can manage a case with such a high profile. It also a precedent setting case
    in that it might encourage other western nations to do the same.

    Nice meeting you Leon, enjoy the trip!

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