Yesterday President Museveni honored President Kagame and President Nguema with heroes’ medals: The Excellent Order of the Pearl of Africa Grand Master.

Honoring Nguema is an insult to common sense, and a mockery of good governance. It sends out the wrong message, and gives Africans a bad name.

Here is why Nguema does not deserve the medal:

1. He has been in office for 33 years.

2. In 2002, during the presidential election, one precinct elected him with 103 percent of the vote. Such a sham.

3. He has been declared the most corrupt,ethnocentric, oppressive leader in the world.

4. The U.N. has accused him of directly overseeing the torture of opponents of his regime.

5. In 2003, the state radio decalred him “the country’s god.”

6. FORBES magazine has declared Nguema the wealthiest head of state at $600 million. Go figure!

7. In 2003, to stop civil servants from being tempted to engage in corrupt practices, he deposited half a billion dollars of the state into his family account at Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C. — leading a federal court to fine the bank $16 million.

8. His son owns the highest-assessed property in Malibu, California through SWEETWATER MALIBU, LLC.

And we complain that the world does not take Africa seriously.



  1. What a shame that Nguema can even be considered for such an honor! he even knocked off his own uncle to get his current gig! This man is a thug who rules a his rich country but keeps its citizens in abject poverty! Even the Mafia Dons have more compassion for the folks they shake down! Shame!

  2. Bishop Tutu is trying to get people from paying homage to this despot!

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