ACQUITTED OF GENOCIDE : And nobody wants you.

According to the ICTR in Arusha, there are 10 persons who have either been acquitted of genocide, or served their full terms, but have no place to go. No country wants them. Not even Syria!

Think about it: what does this say about this scum of our society?

The sad part of this story is that in the meantime these men live in luxury, and have done so for years, living better lives than those they did not manage to exterminate – the victims of their sick and rotten ideologies.

Not guilty should never be confused with “innocent”. We have seen the U.N. and the ICTR trivialize the genocide against the Tutsi, with the latest lowering of Bagosora’s sentence from life to 35 years.

That no country on the globe wants any of these characters speaks volumes. Their acts and virulent philosphy have shocked most people’s conscience. They may be “free”, but they will never run away from the poison that boils within their tormented souls. And that is a sentence heavier than Arusha could have delivered.


One response to “ACQUITTED OF GENOCIDE : And nobody wants you.

  1. If these murderous criminals are looking for sympathy, they
    there is none to be had.

    Tutsis spent over three decades in exile mostly in refugee camps.
    Kick these guys to the curb and let them fend for themselves just
    like the rest of us.

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