SENEGAL’S DARK HOUR:Africa’s curse strikes again.

What was once Africa’s shinning example of democracy and stability is seemingly falling apart and going the way of other African countries.

Leopold Senghor, Senegal’s founding father set the bar when he voluntarily left office, thus challenging other African leaders to respect their constitutions.

After 12 years in office, Abdoulaye Wade, 85, wants to throw the constitution to the wind and run for a third term. This former veteran opposition leader campaigned on a platform of his slogan: SOPI – “change”. I don’t think this is the change Senegalese had in mind when they voted for him the first time.

And Wade poses to ruin Senegal’s reputation of a mature, stable and peaceful democracy if he goes against the will of the people. Surely at 85, old man can retire to his country home and enjoy accolades of his people instead of facing their wrath.

And Wade’s most egregious sin is his determination to annoint his son, KARIM, as Senegal’s next leader. Have no lessons been learnt from Egypt and Libya?


One response to “SENEGAL’S DARK HOUR:Africa’s curse strikes again.

  1. The late Leopold Senghor must be turning in the grave to see Old Man Wade lay waste to Senegal’s achievement as an Island of prosperity. democracy, and tolerance in a neighborhood filled with a history of tyrants and despots! I hope Yousou N’Dour can sing him out of his wishes to start a family dynasty in Senegal. An 85 year old man with an ego and misplaced vision for Senegal wants to take his country through the gate of no return into the abyss of chaos! Pray for Senagal!

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