As has been expected, things are falling apart within the so-called RWANDA NATIONAL CONGRESS. The evil alliance is distengrating, as egos collide and treasonous intentions get exposed.

But this comes as no surprise to Rwanda watchers. To begin with, the RNC was founded on empty theories and bankrupt ideas. Second, the founders of this laughable terrorist organization, men of questionable backgrounds and checkered past, did not have a clear vision for the new Rwanda.

Reportedly, self-styled Hollywood hero RUSESABAGINA has had it with the cabal of his fellow actors. He is tired of bankrolling this shambolic organization. He has been heard questioning where Gahima’s and Rudasingwa’s alleged loot from Rwanda is stashed.

Then there is Rusesabagina’s innate hatred of the Tutsi. So, how could he possibly work with Rudasingwa, Gahima, Karegyeya and Nyamwasa? There is no honor among the ill-intentioned.

Rusesabagina and Rudasingwa have been butting heads over who should be boss!I would never hire either one as dog catcher.

Stay tuned for more drama.


One response to “RNC : THINGS FALL APART.

  1. Drama indeed!!! I never understood how that whole dynamic functioned given the cast of characters, As the saying goes, give them enough rope…..
    …and we all know what happens.

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