THE GENOCIDE AGAINST THE TUTSI: The resilience of a People.

As we approach April and gather to commemorate the genocide against the Tutsi, to collectively mourn those who needlessly perished, nerves are raw. Spirits heavy-ladden. My heart goes out to the survivors, who year after year must re-live those 100 dark days in 1994. We are, after all, our brothers’ keepers.

But it is imperative that we commemorate those days of infamy. Otherwise those we lost will have died in vain. We are not succumbing to our grief and sorrow, but reminding ourselves and the world that the words “NEVER AGAIN” can only mean what they say if we are vigilant and guard against the politics of impunity.

Many words will be said by all manner of folk. Insults will be hurled our way. Negationists and genocide deniers in Paris and Brussels and across the globe will gather to propound their rotten agendas forward. But mere words cannot un-do the new Rwanda.

The blood-soaked hills and valleys of Rwanda are testament of our resilience, and our defiance against evil. Rwanda’s remarkable strides in all fields in the last 18 years is proof enough that we were bruised, but not broken.

In April, let’s also salute the gallant men and women who paid the ultimate price to liberate Rwanda. Doing less would be the unkindest cut of all. Because of them we walk a little taller. Our future brighter than ever before.

If we can weave the new Rwanda out of the belief that we are ONE, future generations will carry the torch with pride, loathing the vicious and empty rhetoric of those who sought to make us the sore of the continent.

In April, we must be there for one another. It is what has brought us this far.


One response to “THE GENOCIDE AGAINST THE TUTSI: The resilience of a People.

  1. I for one grew up in diaspora and as we approach this commemoration,
    I am reminded of the base of referance and sense of pride this gives me.
    We will all be forever indebted to those who sacrifised themselves with blood, sweat and tears.

    May history be unkind to the negetionists and deniars of this horrow,

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