RNC : The beginning of the end.

Whatever you make of Rusesabagina’s bombastic farewell to the cabal at the RNC, the news is not good. And this was long in coming.

One thing is clear: from reliable sources, Rusesabagina was tired of bankrolling the RNC.

Second, there can only be one titular head, and this was not sitting well with Rudasingwa whose sense of entitlement is legendary. Something had to give.

But, conventional wisdom says that Rusesabagina sees that the RNC is not going anywhere, and he is bailing out when the sailing is still calm. Braver men don’t take cover at the first sound of volleys.

But most amusing in reading Rusesabagina’s departing message is the choice of his words. Here is this “ordinary man”, really a former hotel cook, making pronouncements as if the future of the world depends on his next move. Hollywood has a way of building egos the size of Texas.

Whatever future schemes Rusesabagina pursues, he knows the writing is on the wall. How much longer can one milk the genocide against the Tutsi, spewing out hate messages and denying the only genocide that was televised for the world to witness? Not long.


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