A COMEDY OF ERRORS: Rudasingwa in Europe.

Having failed to find a sheepish following whom he can command at will in America, Rudasingwa is reportedly looking for new pastures in Brussels and Paris. Like a chameleon he is attempting to change shades and see if he can catch his prey.

But, what if you threw a party and nobody showed up? That’s exactly what happened the other day at a fund raising Rudasingwa and fellow conspirators organised. Reports say only a few redundant unemployed made it to the event, and you know what that means: a few measly Euros were realised.

The next few months will be telling : the RNC and hardcore driven FDLR are at odds. Mistrust and deeply-rooted hatred is at the heart of butting heads.

On one hand, Rudasingwa’s arrogance and trickery is not making many of his newly-found “friends” comfortable. His former connections with Kigali are suspect. He claims he has found Jesus, but many of his new “friends” still see a wolf in a sheep’s clothes. All this makes for comic relief.

The FDLR and other fringe groups want to mark APRIL 6 to remember Juvenal Habyarimana. RNC does not want to honor a man that was instrumental to the events leading to the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

Make it what you will: it is reported that Rudasingwa was given a roof over his head by one Ms. Kabuga. Wonders never cease, but lose your honor, nothing else remains.

Like Rwanda’s “bye-bye NYAKATSI” policy, poor Rudasingwa is beeing viewed similarly.

Has anybody heard from Gerald Gahima lately? Word on the street is that he is remorseful. I have my take.


One response to “A COMEDY OF ERRORS: Rudasingwa in Europe.

  1. Rudasigwa,Rusesabagina,Gahima and now Ms Kabuga! Ouch!!

    There is no honour among thieves and sooner or later this cabal
    of questionable characters was bound to crack. Its about time, let the
    games begin!

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