This simple truth is as old as time, and the RNC better take heed.

Americans lost in Vietnam, beaten by rice-eating peasants with less sophisticated weaponry.

The Russians left Afghanistan with their tail between their legs.

Let’s look at the RNC, and what they are advocating or fighting for.

The common denominator is their un-quenchable hatred for President Kagame. Beginning and end. Not the President’s policies or exemplary leadership, but his persona. If this were not true it would be funny. That people can resort to treachery and treason, drag a country we all love through mud to satisy their personal agendas defies logic.

Take note that RNC has not found the courage to criticise Rwanda’s amazing recovery, lack of corruption and good governance, exploding and vibrant embracing of technology.

The on-going disintegration of the RNC, spearheaded by Rusesabagina’s recent defection is therefore no surprise. Not that the RNC had a role to play on the national stage, but its very existence proves that the plot to ‘finish the job” and destabilize Rwanda is alive, albeit gasping its last breath.

Now, as for the mix of co-conspirators and their sorry philosophy, that is a story for another blog.


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