Now we know why, and it is instructive, and a sign of the failure of a directionless movement.

The saying that “there is no honor among thieves” really defines the RNC and the characters of the so-called founders.

Allegedly founded to sow democracy in Rwanda, the RNC is nothing but a ragtag bunch of dishonorable individuals determined to self-destruct.

The initial founding document, you will remember, did not have Rusesabagina’s name. That is telling. But, in their infinite shallow wisdom, the founders decided to add this shadow of a hero to publicize the RNC using Rusesabagina’s newly found Hollywood fifteen minutes of fame.

But when evidence surfaced showing Rusesabagina plotting with the FDLR, the dynamics changed and all were caught with their pants down. All of a sudden, this non-political group found it hard to explain their intentions and machinations.

Behind the scenes, the extremists were bitterly grambling about the Tutsi group, the so-called Gang of Four. If we are trying to destroy the Kigali regime, their theory went, how can we work with these characters? How can we trust them? I knew all along it would come to this. You can’t plant URUSENDA and harvest sweet corn!It is not rocket science. Not at all.

Add in Rudasingwa’s ego and Rusesabagina’s ill-reasoned belief that he is Rwanda’s hope, it fast became apparent that their ship was rudderless. See, all these characters do not have Rwanda’s interests at heart. It is their inflated egos and pockets, driven by the same philosophy that begot us the 1994 genocide, and the ones before.

In the next few months, watch as Rusesabagina and his underground extremist groups re-invent themselves and show their true colors.


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