SENEGAL SHINES AGAIN : Will others follow suit?

Senegal is the ONLY West African country that has never had a coup detat. That is a remarkable achievement.

Senegal’s founding father, Leopold Senghor set the stage when in 1981 after 20 years in office he retired and handed over power to his then prime minister.

Senghor, that literary giant and Nobel laureate was one of the first African leaders to allow democracy and a free press. He was a true pioneer.A poet. A scholar, per excellence.

In 2000, after throughly democratic election, the long standing opposition leader, Abdoulaye Wade, who had been a thorn in Senghor’s side for many years, won the presidency. After 12 years in power, and a failed attempt for a third term, Senegalese have now spoken, and Wade, 85, has gracefully conceeded defeat.

The fear that Senegal’s legacy of political tolerance and maturity would be marred by Wade clinging on to power has swiftly blown over Senegal like a sandstorm over the Sahara. All is well, and Africa, and Senegal in particular has something to smile about.

Now eyes are on Uganda and Kenya. Alas! Hope was slaughtered long ago in Zimbabwe.


One response to “SENEGAL SHINES AGAIN : Will others follow suit?

  1. The notion that Africa is inherently incapable of self government is alive
    and well. We need more examples like Senegal so as to disproove this nagging stereotype.

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