YOU CAN RUN,BUT CAN’T HIDE: The Mugesera lesson.

After 16 years of using, abusing and manipulating the Canadian justice system to avoid the long arm of the law, Leon Mugesera was bagged. And what a catch. And off to Kigali he went, in a private jet no less, with an escort of seven to ensure his safety and comfort.

The look on Mugesera’s face as he was being cuffed on the runway was telling. One of two thoughts went through his mind: I missed Rwanda. Or, how the hell did I end up here?

Justice delayed is justice denied. But, justice all the same will be served for Mugesera needs to pay the price for that insidious speech in 1992.

The Rwandan Diaspora in Canada should be commended for keeping up the pressure and their voices heard. One simple truth: when we work together, we do well.

Which brings me to the basis of this blog. Other communities need to follow Canada’s example. In our midst are many whose hands are bloody, and they need to be fingered and brought to book. It is our collective responsibility to make sure that those who participated in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi face justice. We cannot do less, nor should these people keep on walking as free men and women.

Those in Quebec or Michigan or Paw Paw must keep looking over their shoulders. You can run but you can’t hide. We must make their lives a living hell for soaking the land we all love with innocent blood.


One response to “YOU CAN RUN,BUT CAN’T HIDE: The Mugesera lesson.

  1. Canada should be commended for its precedent setting action in this case and as you speculate, Mugesera’s look on the tarmac in Kigali was priceless.

    As we all know, there is no statute of limitations on crimes of this magnitude.
    Sooner or later they will all suffer Mugesera’s fate.

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