PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma : He has much to smile about.

At 70, most men are busy preparing to enjoy their “golden years.” South African President Jacob Zuma is not about to slow down.

Always smiling and poking fun at his opponents, Zuma is preparing to marry his sixth wife: Bongi Ngema.

The man is a lot of fun, and not a stranger to controversy. In fact I think he is a breath of fresh air in the political world. He never runs away from his shadow.

Now, before you judge him, know that polygamy in South Africa is legal, and well embraced in Zuma’s Zulu culture. Don’t pull a moral yardstick on the man for believing in the traditional ways of his ancestors. He is President. Not the Archibishop of SA!

Come next weekend in Kwa Zulu Natal province, Zuma and Ngema will tie the knot, and we are told his other three wives will be part of the ceremony.

If I were him I would have something to smile about too. Cheers, Mr. President. All is well that ends well.


2 responses to “PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma : He has much to smile about.

  1. Come on Willis, you can’t seriously condone this backward tradition? Just because something is not illegal does not make it right. Polygamy is a very pernicious practice that gives the finger to the idea of gender equality, unless polyandry is also permitted at the same time. Continued legalization of polygamy gives the lie to South Africa’s claims of itself as a Rainbow nation where all are equal before the law.

  2. If somebody’s writing reflects his inclinations and beliefs, then should we infer that Willis believes in polygamy too? Since the South African constitution does not discriminate between the two practices, that is, polyandry and polygamy, I hope Willis will be equally happy if a South African woman marries multiple husbands. That will speak to his sense of gender equality. I am opposed to both. Cultures change, they are no static, so should the Amazulu African culture.

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