African member countries of The Commonwealth have acknowledged Rwanda’s good governance and leadership. A very welcome and noteworthy observation.

At a recently concluded meeting in Kigali, Dunstan MAINA, Commonwealth Advisor on Africa told 16 member states that they should learn from Rwanda’s approaches to economic growth, problem solving and public sector reform.

“Rwanda’s success is, without a doubt, due to its leadership committment and goodwill; they have shared with all of us how they overcame challenges and shared with us inspiring experiences”, Maina told the delegates.

Much has been achieved, but a lot remains to be achieved. We have cause to hold our heads high.


4 responses to “RWANDA’S GOOD GOVERNANCE ACKNOWLEDGED : The Commonwealth.

  1. What makes a landlocked country with no known major resources to
    speak of outshine and outperform its neighbours? It must be the resilience
    and intellectual capital of its people.

    It is this unique quality that we should market as the Rwanda advantage. Our proximity to resource rich neighbours should also work in our favour.
    Kigali should continue in its effort to be the stable environment and desirable nerve center where most organisations can base their operations.

  2. Lindsay Alpert

    As usual, very good article, and written so elegantly. LSA

  3. Dear Mujura,
    I agree with you on all the points you highlight. I would also add another and arguably most critical ingredient to the mix: our collective national trip to the dark side, costly as it has been – or perhaps exactly because of that cost, has seared into our psche the dangers of divided nation, the risks of vulnerability to foreign and local manipulators, and the importance of relying mainly on ourselves for homegrown solutions to whatever ails us. We have peered into the abyss and what we have seen there has reinforced our resolve to pull ourselves as far back from the edge as our energies will allow. We have learnt the hard way that when the chips are down, you can only count on yourselves; others can only provide support to your own efforts but must never be granted the right to decide for you.

  4. Mr Kalinda
    I concur with you wholeheartedly!
    Look at what the same collective experince did for European
    Jewery.It enhanced the creation of a Jewish homeland thats
    enormously supported by a thriving and hugely successful diaspora.

    There is definately parallels between their experience and ours.
    At the core of it are the same dynamics, namely, resilience and self-

    As a wise sage once said, “all great changes are preceded by chaos”.

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