CHARLES TAYLOR – GUILTY : The end of impunity.

Liberia’s thuggish-looking former President has been found guilty and convicted of 11 counts including terror, murder and rape.

Taylor, 64, has been on trial at The Hague at the U.N.-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone for almost five years. He is guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes during the Sierra Leone diamond-fueled war.

He is the first former head of state convicted by an international court since the Nuremberg military tribunal of Nazis after World War II.

This conviction should serve notice on other despots across the globe, but especially in Africa that nobody is above the law, and the days of impunity are over.

I hope Bashar al Assad of Syria is watching, and listening attentively. Other like-minded dictators ought to take heed, and the African continent is littered with many.

Looking at the havoc Taylor unleashed on innocent children and women, mostly, a life sentence would be a very appropriate punishment. Not death.


One response to “CHARLES TAYLOR – GUILTY : The end of impunity.

  1. Dear Willis,
    I have no track for Taylor, whom you rightly term thuggish. It will take his country and her neighbours time and a lot of determination to overcome the horrible legacy he left behind. But let’s not delude ourselves that the ICC is dishing out anything like justice. It is just another control tool of the few who rule the affairs of this planet and who themselves remain above international law. A legal system that is applicable only to the weak does not deliver justice, it only aggravates international lawlessness.

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