HIDING BEHIND LANGUAGE : Mugesera’s tactics.

Mugesera’s latest legal “gymnastics” claiming that he wants to plead his case in French were clever, but somebody forgot to advise him that such tricks are given the day of light only in Canada, not Rwanda. If you will recall, Mugesera abused and used the Canadian system to avoid justice for almost 16 years.

Bemusingly however, all along Mugesera was arguing before the court in Kinyarwanda.

That infamous speech of his in 1992 was given in hard-core Kinyarwanda so that the man on the street got the message. And they did. And they acted on it, hence Mugesera’s possible culpability. Nay, I say guilt.

Had the court bought Mugesera’s argument, and I can’t see why or how, he would have managed to distance himself from his venomous words, thus buying some leeway in explaininng and minimizing his criminal intent.

Words have a way of losing meaning in translation, and the court was right to rule against Mugesera so he can explain — not run away — his vicious, hateful and inciteful words that were the foundation of the mayhem that ensued after his speech.

Mugesera, are you a man or a mouse? At least stand by your own words and put up a good fight instead of hiding behind a foreign language. You sorry excuse of a human being.


3 responses to “HIDING BEHIND LANGUAGE : Mugesera’s tactics.

  1. Now that time has caught up to him, Mugesera is now clutching at straws.
    Sooner or later, Karma will get you and its not fan when it does!

    These delaying tactics that he so successfully used in Canada are mounting to too little too late. Maybe he should have had the wisdom before
    he gave that hateful speech.

    Leon, we never met before and thank god for that but in the meantime enjoy the trip!!

  2. Our Canadian court system failed miserably by letting Mugesera avoid justice all these years. I have complete faith that the Rwandan court will not be fooled by him. If he was able to spread his hatred in Kinyarwanda then he is able to be tried in Kinyarwanda! Mugesera will get the punishment he rightly deserves.

  3. Mwene Kalinda

    Let him kick, let him spit and howl as much as he wishes; the ghosts of his victims will at last get solace as he finally answers for his crimes.

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