PRESIDENT KAGAME at William Penn University: A recognition well deserved.

On May 12, 2012, President Paul Kagame will be delivering a commencement speech at WILLIAM PENN UNIVERSITY. And thereafter, the President will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for his contributions to the humanities or human welfare.

This remarkable recognition is for President Kagame’s effective leadership, and Rwanda’s determination to heal the wounds inflicted during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

Unlike the international community that closed its eyes in 1994 while Rwanda was bleeding to death, William Penn University has chosen to recognize Rwanda’s marvellous achievements under impossible conditions. Against a vicious campaign of lies and distortions by genocide deniers and negationists, the University has chosen to go with the facts on the ground. Rwanda is rising and shinning again.

Empty vessels are loudest: Ann Garrisson is leading the choir of disgruntled fugitives from justice, genocide deniers and the un-employed critics of Rwanda to protest William Penn University’s action to honor President Kagame. A mere cry in the wilderness.


4 responses to “PRESIDENT KAGAME at William Penn University: A recognition well deserved.

  1. Regardless of which political spectrum you fall into, this President has
    to be given due credit for what he has accomplished against all odds.

    Ann Garrison and her cohorts belong to the dustbins of history. Its one thing being a genocide denier but denying the mathematical certainties
    of the Rwandese economy is another. You can’t argue with success!
    So far so good.

  2. Mwene Kalinda

    Dear Mujura, people like Garrison, with an irrational hatred of today’s Rwanda, are impervious to reason as theirs is a doctrinal animosity. Her rants about a country she knows little about, and even that only through hearsay, are unyielding to logic and fact-based explanations. I wouldn’t waste too much time on her and her ilk if I were you. Joining battle with her in this kind of argument is a losing proposition: she will beat you up with her long experience in vacuousity.

  3. Mr Kalinda
    Always enjoy your commentary and insight.
    As for Garrison, her “long experience in vacuosity”
    didn’t seem to help her at a recent conference in Sacramento.
    After being challenged by a handful of survivors, she left with her
    tail between her legs!

    It was an image to behold! The proverbial witch indeed!

  4. Mwene Kalinda

    Wow! That I would love to have seen indeed; the comeuppance of the ignorantly arrogant!

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