OBAMA v ROMNEY : What are the chances?

We are five months to the general election. I predict Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney. It will be a very close race, however.

You will not read it in mainstream media, but Americans cannot warm up to a Mormon. Nay, they are afraid of Mormonism, much as the majority of Americans don’t know much about this religion. It simply scares them.

But, that is not why President Obama will get a second term. Romney is a big time flip-flopper. The man cannot take a position and stick to it. His position on policy changes, depending on what audience he is addressing.

This is Romney’s second try at the presidency. Four years ago he reportedly spent $52 million of his hard-earned money but got nowhere. The message? Voters cannot be fooled: American presidency is not for sale.

Hard as he tries, Romney cannot connect with the man on the street. He is so scripted, and his speeches simply don’t excite the public. And has anyone paid attention to the crowds around Romney? You can count people of color on one hand. That is a big problem. And women are not warming up to Mitt.

If you guessed I am a registered democrat, you are right. However, I have a beef with President Obama. He promised to close down Guantanamo and did not. This facility shames everything that America stands for. A stinking sore on the conscience of the Nation.


One response to “OBAMA v ROMNEY : What are the chances?

  1. Hii Willis, Glad to see that your still here. I called your old number, spoke with three people, who looked in their computers and your name was nver heard of. I suspected some skull duggery.
    Now I have spoken with someone who seemed to know something.
    With the election I follow the Elliott Wave Theory which has been predicting a strong possibility of a change in social mood and a market collapse. This would be very bad for Obama and could lead to a president that cracks down on the poor, unemployed and weakest in the population during a depression.
    As for a reconciliation and foregiveness I follow Jewish Law, the four R’s. If a person takes full Responsibility, shows sincere Regret, does everthing for Repair their damage and promises not to Repeat you must forgive. You then need not be friends with them. These four R’s are a high bar.
    What to do with people that murdered their neighbors in mass and to provide for the futur of the country? I don’t know.
    I have great respect for you and your efforts. My rabbi, Michael Learner believes the the first obligation for a Jew is Tukun Olan, to repair, heal and transform this world for the better. That certainty is the work you are doing and is especially needed in Rwanda.

    Best Wishes,

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