THE SHAME OF SYRIA: And the world keeps a blind eye.

Yesterday Syrian forces shelled the town of Houla, killing 32 children, among several hundred others. This is a crime that has been going on since March, 2011. All in all, according to U.N. sources over 10,000 people have been killed.

And the world looks on, arms akimbo. Just like Rwanda 18 years ago when the genocide against Tutsi ensued.

How empty the words NEVER AGAIN sound. How pathetic.Sickening.

The U.N., that impotent world body is simply looking on, and all Ban Ki-moon, the U.N. Chief can say is that this is ” a flagrant violation of international law.” You think? And that is it?

Bashar al- Assad, the butcher of Damascus has blood on his hands, and the ICC should indict him.

The people of Syria need our help.


One response to “THE SHAME OF SYRIA: And the world keeps a blind eye.

  1. Just like Rwanda before it, Syria has no resources to plunder so why
    bother to intervene. Intervention and the ensuing liberation of Libya was
    not for the west’s love for its people!

    As for Al Assad, the Arab spring seems to have left no impression. How quickly we forget. The intoxication of power!!!!

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